My passion for good health and wellness began from a young age in South Africa – where I was born. Struggling with my own childhood maladies, I started to question what I could do – or eat – to feel better.

I was an anxious child – something I would later in life learn was an inherited flaw in my genes – and I figured there must be something I could do to help myself feel better. Despite growing up in an era where mums would whip their children off to the GP with even the smallest of sniffles, I was born with the innate belief that food is medicine. So I went to the library – no Dr Google in those days! – where I worked out that I needed more B vitamins and exercise.

I began to eat plenty B vitamin-laden foods, and even managed to wangle regular B-complex intravenously at our local pharmacy. I focused on getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. And all this did exactly what I thought it would do … I started to feel better.

Food is medicine – it became my point of unshakeable faith. From then on, my interest became a passion. I went on to nurture my awareness and appreciation for these natural, nutritious building blocks of life. I was always reading, learning, curious. I intuitively knew that powerful potions for radiant health were growing all around us!

Family and friends would often approach me with their complaints and ask me what I could do to help them, but I never considered making a career out of what had become my lifelong passion. It was only in 2013, after having my first baby, that I decided to fully embrace what had become my purpose in life: to help other women enjoy the radiant good health that I had come to understand and revel in. I left my career in human resources and went back to school.

During my studies, and subsequently working with clients, I came to a deeper understanding of how modern living and our tendency to take a symptom-only approach was robbing women of wellbeing and joyful living. In the arena of weight loss, I saw countless women who were tired and frustrated with the lack of sustainable results.
The narrow, calorie-focused approach that is often taken when trying to lose weight was failing many women, and so I became deeply passionate about helping women secure long-term results.

From this fire in my belly, the Reset program was born and became my flagship offering. Over the years, hundreds of women have travelled the Reset journey, learning how taking a whole-body approach and how focusing on nourishment and energy efficiency – rather than calorie restriction – is the key to lifelong healthy weight. I believe beyond doubt that there are three keys to achieving these sustainable results – Nutrition, Mindset and Movement. And from these pillars, many other programs and offerings were created.

My membership site, The HappyBody Club, is the central hub of all my online offerings. A community of like-minded women on a mission to find whole-body wellness. Join us here.